• Image of Packway Handle Band - What Are We Gonna Do Now

Track Listing:

1. Walking Disaster
2. Who Do You Think You Are?
3. Outskirts
4. What Is A Packway Handle?
5. Off My Knees
6. Horse vs. Technology
7. I'm Glad You've Got My Priorities So Straight
8. Josie
9. Tired
10. Lord Baltimore
11. What Are We Gonna Do Now?

All songs produced and recorded by the Packway Handle Band.

Mixed by the Packway Handle Band with help from David and Noel Blackmon, Doug and Kate Baker, Ned Gardiner, Tommy Jordan, and Andrew Mathes.

Mastered by Jeff Capurso at Chase Park Transduction, Athens, GA.
Guest musicians:
Bill "The Pump" Oglesby (saxophone on 7);
Karolyn Troup (flute on 3).

The Packway Handle Band is: Tom Baker, Josh Erwin, Andrew Heaton, Zach McCoy and Michael Paynter.