• Image of Packway Handle Band - Packway Handle Band CD

Track Listing:
1. Gets Me Every Time
2. Spanish Scissors
3. Strangers
4. Tossin' the Beefcake
5. Earl the Duck
6. The Story
7. Downpour
8. Tuggin' at the Corn
9. River Delta
10. Can't Win for Trying
11. Satan's in Space

Produced by Packway Handle Band. Recorded, engineered, and mixed by Andrew Heaton at Hatecave Studios.

Mastered by Jeff Capurso at Chase Park Transduction. Photography and design by Jessica Horwitz.

Musicians: Tom Baker (banjo, vocals);
Josh Erwin (guitar, vocals);
Andrew Heaton (fiddle, vocals);
Zach McCoy (bass);
Michael Paynter (mandolin, vocals).

Guest musician: Jessica Horwitz (lead vocals on track 9).